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Privacy Policy

Following is the privacy policy of Trave LNT Ourism.


Our company does not insert cookies into your browser. You may, however, experience cookies on our website from one of two different elements that we incorporate into our website.

  1. Google Analytics We incorporate Google Analytics onto our website in order to measure traffic. Google may place cookies in your browser in order to help them track your browser as you visit our site. Please refer to Google's terms of service and privacy policy if you are concerned about this activity.

  2. Social Accounts We allow people to upvote and favourite our content on a number of social media platforms, including Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and Instagram. You would only be tracked on these sites if you already maintain a social media account with them. For more information, please visit the privacy policy page on each respective website that may be of concern.

Beyond the above considerations we do not utilise cookies or track your activity on our website.