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We are a new payday loan company.

Do you need to borrow money in an emergency, but are unable to find a place that will lend to you? If you are employed and live in the UK, chances are you can qualify for a payday loan. Submit your application today! click for more information

Why Use Trave LNT Ourism?

payday loansWe are a new payday loan company that operates in the UK. If you would like to borrow money, but are afraid you have bad credit, you are in luck! Submit your application today for immediate consideration on your loan.

What is a payday loan? They are short term loans, borrowed for a term of weeks or months, that are typically paid back when the borrower has received their employment check. You can also qualify for one if you are on benefits. Bad credit typically does not prevent you from getting one.

Whether you need to borrow £100 or £5000, submit your application and our finance professionals will immediately review your request.

What is a Payday Advance?

You can get a loan, even if you have bad credit, as long as you have a job. This is called a bad credit loan, also unsecured loan and short term loan. They are intended to be repaid when you get your employment cheque or beneficiary payment.

Upon loaning the money, the borrower would write a post-dated check which includes the amount of the money borrowed, several fees, and interests that is typically around 400-500% annum rate which in certain cases goes as high as 900%. The debt should be paid by the borrower on the next payday, which could range from 2 weeks to 30 days. In contrast, bank loans would actually give borrowers months to settle the loan, with certain payment options allowed and with an interest of up to 15% per annum.

The high interest rate compensates for the unsecured loan for the borrower. There is no guarantee on the capability of the borrower to pay for the loan or a guarantee that the borrower would actually pay back the debt. In order to compensate for the high risk of unsecured loan, payday lenders such as Payday Loans Now would raise the interest rate to ensure profit. The high profit would sometime result in unpaid or partially unpaid debt.

Any unpaid debt would incur another interest or penalty. In certain cases, borrowers would have no money to spend as most of their income is used to settle the loan. This would force them to avail another loan from the same or different lending company. This would put the borrower in a seemingly unending spiral of debt.

Same Day Loans
same day loans Are you in need of an overnight payday loan, or same-day processing? Our entire process is handled online. In some cases, we are able to process your application the same day.
Short Term Loans
short term loans What are short term loans? They are a small loan that is borrowed for a few days or a few months. They are paid back once you get your next pay cheque, hence the name "payday".
Quick Loans
quick loans Get your loan quickly and conveniently from your home. There is no need to travel to get your funds. Our entire process is handled online. Submit your application today!
High Acceptance Loans
We submit your loan to several direct lenders, increasing the chances your application will actually be accepted. Increase your chances of getting a loan today with Trave LNT Ourism!
Our Commitment
We will do all we can to process your loan application quickly and efficiently. In some cases, there will be no credit checks, in others we may check your credit in order to ascertain your ability to repay your loan.

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